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Andy Leo is a 90s baby, daughter of a dedicated paper salesman, and big sister to the darling protagonist of the decades-forming biographical drama epic, Lil’ Burbs: Life Through A Lens. She is a native Los Angelino. With a deep background in cinematography, Andy also has a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production. As the CEO and Director of Motion Pictures for Leo Enterprises LLC, Andy directs the dominant majority of the projects that come our way.

You are cordially invited to watch Andy’s directing reel — it’s a mind-blowingly awesome event to behold. And then brace yourselves because there’s even more epicness to come.

As a film director, she loves empowering her cast and crew, drawing out their best, most focused and finest work every time. If she ever lives to 110 years old, Andy will probably draw her last breath in her director’s chair on a film set, between “action!” and the final “cut!” that she’ll never get to call. That’s what filmmaking means to Andy Leo.

Let’s make cinema magic together. And look incredible doing it.

Word to your mother.

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